Some Very Interesting Statistics on Numbers in the EuroMillions Lottery

March 6th, 2016

There’s something that has always fascinated us when it comes to the lottery – how the winners are picked, and how great the odds are for that winning number combination. And of course, when someone wins big, it’s a happy time indeed – how we wish that we could be that man or woman!

Playing in the lottery has definitely become a great hobby for many of us – and some of us can very well call it our passion. But each of us has distinct ways of choosing our numbers as well – some individuals play with the exact same numbers in every draw (for sentimental reasons, perhaps), whilst others choose to have numbers at random. Still other individuals rely mostly on statistics – which numbers have been chosen the most, or which numbers have been chosen the least.

woman-making-fan-of-pound-sterling-banknotes-100202465When it comes to statistics, there are some interesting facts indeed. There are, in fact, some numbers which have been more frequently drawn or chosen than others, and some other numbers that are not picked or chosen as often. Let’s take a look at the statistics.

 The numbers which have been chosen most frequently

If you would like to increase your chances of winning, then you may get some inspiration from numbers which have been chosen the most. The numbers 10 and 6, for instance, beat other numbers as being picked most often, whilst the numbers 7, 9, and 18 are also quite commonly picked out. The number 8 is also a frequently-chosen number, as is the number 5. These numbers actually show something quite fascinating as well: a frequently-picked number will generally show up more often than other numbers simply because lottery players tend to choose them over other numbers already. If you are a lottery player and you hear that the number 10 is a frequently-chosen number, then chances are, you will pick this number yourself as well.

 The numbers which have been infrequently chosen

There are other numbers, however, which are not frequently chosen, for some reason or other. Numbers like 23 have not been chosen that much and neither have numbers like 48 and 46. Other double-digit numbers such as 27 and 50 are not drawn that much, either. Other numbers that are infrequently drawn include the number 1 and the number 6.

If you may have noticed, the numbers which are not frequently drawn are of the double digits, whilst frequently chosen or drawn numbers are usually single digits. There is really no scientific reason for this, however – it’s just something of a coincidence, as experts would say.

Statistics can help in your quest for winning big – and if you want to raise your chances even further,                                                       you can do so by becoming a member of a lottery syndicate organiser such as Elite Lotto UK.

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