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Many consider roulette to be the fairest gambling game in the world, as it is only chance that decides who wins how much; at least if one assumes that the equipment has not been manipulated. Nevertheless, there are always so-called experts who are begging for attention with a new and revolutionary roulette strategy that they have used to crack the system and trick it. First of all, you have to distinguish between a roulette strategy and a system with which you want to outsmart the coincidence. A roulette strategy here is a kind of plan that you make your own and with the help of which you want to earn as much money as possible in roulette. Such strategies are usually based on mathematical considerations and probability calculations. A system, on the other hand, is much more elaborate and far-reaching, as it requires the systematic observation of the game and includes all aspects of the game.

You have certainly heard of the roulette strategy of focusing on trends. They simply choose a color (red or black) before the start of the game, and then keep it, whether they lose or win. If you win, you will receive double the amount; if you lose, you simply double your bet to win back the initial amount. The advocates of this roulette strategy claim that you can never lose, but this is not true. On the one hand, in this calculation, the zero (neither red nor black) is left out, with whose help you can lose everything. Secondly, it is not considered that there are usually table limits that determine your maximum amount to be set. These table limits could prevent you from to regain your already lost bets. The martingale roulette strategy should be quickly removed from your mind.

Another roulette strategy that promises to be successful at first sight, but looks a lot less promising on closer inspection, is the paroli strategy. If you use them, you also bet on trends (red or black). If you win, you have both the starting amount and the profit on the same color. Basically, that's not even a roulette strategy that can be used to gain a lot, but only limits your losses. Thanks to the paroli strategy, millions will probably earn less.roulette is pure gambling, so do not rely on one of the highly praised strategies. Especially with online casinos, it could happen that the software spoils you anyway, as there are often different algorithms running in the background, which generate coincidences, but make fraud on the part of the customers impossible. I have already tried different strategies for test purposes, but i always fell on my nose. Instead, i play with smaller amounts now, i do not bet on anything right away, but i keep some of the profit back, so i not only make no losses, but ultimately even profits. After all, no honest player can predict where the ball will roll.

If you also want to play roulette from home, you should first make sure that you put your money at a reputable provider. There are a number of different criteria that can be used to check whether the casino of your choice is reputable or rather in the fraudulent corner. You should pay attention to the used software of the casino: are these state-of-the-art programs that can guarantee a high standard as well as prevent manipulation?furthermore, you should inform yourself in advance about what the payment policy of the casino of your choice looks like: are there perhaps the negative experiences in the relevant forums? May the casino even charge hidden fees as soon as a withdrawal is made, or will accounts be blocked frequently and for no apparent reason as soon as withdrawals are made? These and other information about well-known online casinos can be found in my test series, in which i have taken many casinos in-depth scrutiny.

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