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Is card counting still possible despite countermeasures of the casino?Many have heard of the legends that clever math students from eternal time a lot of money at blackjack by counting cards have earned, but doubt that the blackjack card counting possible today is. And for a good reason! For the casinos have feared by the successes of the few card counter to their massive million-dollar profits and countermeasures taken, which should make the card counting impossible, pointless or at least heavier.However, this also made the game blackjack in itself increasingly unattractive. That's why some casinos still offer good blackjack tables where you can be successful with card counting. Because the casinos also know that there are only a few who successfully play blackjack, while many thousands still lose others. To win, you have to know what to look for in order to find those tables.

That's why there is an overview here with the countermeasures of the casinos.The key to a successful blackjack game is to master the optimal blackjack strategy and play only at tables where you get a 3: 2 win for a blackjack - as the 1, 5 times. That is the reason why you have chances to win blackjack. The dealer wins with his blackjack only 100% of the bet.The nightmare of every card counter is called CMS. This is the abbreviation for the English term Continous Shuffling Machines. To simply means blenders. These have been used increasingly in casinos around the world for around five years. After each played hand, the played cards are thrown into the blender, which shuffles them under the deck of cards. Thus, there is no consecutive playout, where you can see by card counting, how likely is the draw of aces and other high-quality cards. For blenders, mostly randomness rules, making card counting useless.

The casinos propose the argument that the annoying and time-consuming mixing process is abolished. That's right, of course. But this is only for the benefit of the casinos, which have a house edge in the game. More played hands in a time interval automatically increases player losses. A positive side effect for the casinos is also that bigger winnings are pure luck and pure coincidence like cracking a jackpot on slot machines.The more cards played, the better.Because with each card played increases the accuracy with which you can predict the probability of future cards. If only 50% of the cards are played before being mixed again, this is not a very good game. Here are the predictions when counting cards are very vague, which almost equals a random game like roulette .

Each casino can set the blackjack rules themselves. Some do it so well that the player has a bigger disadvantage. There are certain rules that increase the house edge in favor of the casino.A widespread is doubling only with nine, ten and eleven . As far as that does not seem to be tragic, because according to the blackjack strategy table you should never double with 8 or lower anyway. BUT: You should also double certain soft hands (card combinations with an ace) to get the best possible result. With the rule doubling only with nine, ten and eleven or even only with ten or eleven one misses advantageous situations in which one could win by doubling more.Likewise, doubling after splitting may be prohibited . Here are the player also attractive profit opportunities through the rag.When splitting the casinos make many places too. While normal blackjack allows you to split pairs into up to four hands, some limit the amount of sharing to a maximum of two hands.

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