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Online Craps Strategy

Craps is the only dice game. Dice games were not originally considered fine enough to play in a reputed casino, cards and roulette were preferred.meanwhile, not only land based casinos offer craps, also online casinos delight their guests with this well known and popular game with two red, edgy and semi transparent dice.there are also slot games that have borrowed their symbols from craps, but the actual table game is available in many online casinos as a virtual, software-based game that calculates the path of the dice through a random number generator .craps is played, as already mentioned, with two red dice. These are not shaken in a cup, but thrown against the wall surrounding the field. Depending on the constellation of the dice and the sum of the eyes loses or wins the thrower.

You can play craps against each other, but in casinos it is common for all players to play against the bank. The bets in the form of chips or chips are placed on the various fields of the green playing surface, which reminds a little of the setting field of the roulette game . The fields mark certain constellations and number ranges. Before the first litter you place the bet on the respective fields and hopes for his luck . Dice games were still very frowned upon at the time and were not welcomed. Craps could and can still be played in a variant with cards, not to give the nakedness of a dice game fans. Over the years, craps has found its way from the back rooms to the upscale casinos and is now among the most popular gambling games in the world under the alternate name seven eleven.

There are two basic variants of craps: the private game and casino craps . Among friends or in the private circle craps is played as follows: one player, the shooter, sets an amount, all others bet against him. Then he throws the two dice. If his throw is the sum of two,three or twelve, he has lost immediately, with seven or eleven he wins immediately. All other constellations lead to a second litter. Basically, it is changed as a shooter, so that everyone comes once. In the casino variant, all players bet against the bank. The shooter is allowed to roll the dice until he loses a certain point called point. This version also plays in online casinos .as already mentioned under the point different craps variants, the shooter starts with his first litter . Depending on the result, he throws the two dice against the wall of the field a second or third time. In the simplest variant, players bet either on or against the dice.

This means that if the shooter has thrown a two,three or twelve, the dice and all players who bet on the dice will lose. This bet is called a pass-line bet. If players have bet against the dice of the shooter, they would now have won, as they have set a do not passline bet. There are many more, rather complicated variants that are more for experienced players. But even with passline and do not passline assignments you can pass the time successfully,have fun and win well . As you can see, the popular dice game, even without craps strategy, is relatively easy to clear big get acquainted with craps online, you should first look at the preview or free variants that you will find everywhere on the internet and also on the pages of certain online casinos. For the time being, work with the above two ways of using them and get an impression of the other, more complicated variants and craps rules of the game over the course of the season.

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