Know the different types of poker game before you start to play

September 9th, 2016

Playing poker is something that every gambler loves. It is interesting, it is exciting and the best part of these gambling games is that if you could risk your chance and know the strategies of the game, you can manipulate the chances and win huge amount of money. Everybody knows that poker is a gambling game that is played with cards. But, though a game of chance, it is also a game of strategies. Those, who can master these strategies, can be able to win huge lot of money from these games.

For that you need to know the different types of poker games. Here are the top types of playing poker game. Even if you are playing them online, your agen poker will choose a type of poker to continue the gambling.

  1. Royal Flush:

As already mentioned, when you play the game, you will have to know the cards well. The first type of poker gambling is Royal Flush. This is the most popular one and while playing this type of poker, you will have to make a series of cards like ten, jack, queen, king and A, from a particular series. One, who does this, wins the game.

  1. Straight Flush:

In this type of hand, you will have to make a simple series of 5 cards from a particular series (colour and shape). If you do this, you will win the hand.

  1. Four of a kind:

This is a very interesting hand in which you will have to make a hand of four ‘As’ from all four colours and a kicker card will complete the series. In case all the players manage to complete this hand, one, who has a higher kicker card, will win the hand.

Apart from these hands, there are many other different types and kinds of poker hands. When you choose an agen poker from the online poker playing website that you choose, you will be able to know about the poker hand that you will be playing on. In fact, you can choose the type that you like to play best or are an expert in.

Those, who do not have a clear concept of these hands and types, need to choose a good online gambling or guidance platform, so that they can learn the rules well. This is very important to make sure that there is no need to worry about the gaming strategies, before you play.

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